Vaasa Central Hospital Western-Finland / U-building

Project: Hospital Pharmacy Water Treatment System

 Purified water quality class / standard: Aqua Valde Purificata

Processing Finland supplied 2017 to Vaasa Central Hospital U-building a Hospital Pharmacy Water Treatment system. In addition to the water treatment devices, the project included a purified water loop with accessories. The water treatment was carried out with the necessary pre-treatment equipment and RO-EDI. The microbiological quality of the purified water is controlled by the combined UV + UF treatment. The UF in use 6000 kD sealed barrier for purified waters, which ensures the microbiological purity of the water.

In the Hospital Pharmacy Aqua Valde Purificata water is used in instrument washing machines, infusion bags and if required in small-scale medicine manufacturing.

Techniques: Mechanical filtration, water softening, activated carbon treatment, reverse osmosis, electronic ion exchange, UV treatment, UF filtration

Application: Hospital Pharmacy Water Treatment, Hospitals Water Treatment

Delivered: 2017

RO (Omvänd osmos) / Ultrafiltration / EDI / EDR / Grov / Förfiltrering / UV / Pumpar / Tankar / Projektledning / Installation
Water Treatment
Kraft- / Värmeverk