TEHYKE Kalasatama, Helsinki, Southern-Finland

Project: CSSD Water treatment system

Purified water quality class / standard: EN 285

Processing Finland delivered a reconditioned water treatment system for 2017-2018 to the new Kalasatama Health and Wellbeing Center. In addition to the water treatment devices, the project included a purified water distribution loop with accessories. The water treatment was carried out with the necessary pretreatment devices and two RO-EDI devices that achieve a considerably higher level of purified water than it was required.

Purified water is used instrument washing machines, autoclaves, hand rinsing, and an ultrasonic wash basin.

The nominal output of the WT system is 2x300 l/h and the devices operate on a redundancy basis including a progressive flow mode which ensures that water does not run out even if the use of purified water is higher than normal.

Techniques:  Mechanical filtration, water softening, activated carbon treatment, reverse osmosis, electronic ion exchange, UV treatment,

Application: CSSD Water Treatment, Health care sector water treatment

Delivered: 2017-2018

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Water Treatment
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