KUS Kuopio University Hospital Finland, Kuopio, Eastern-Finland

Project: Water treatment system to Kuopio University Hospital Peko Laboratories

Purified water quality class / standard: Class II - ASTM D1193-91

Processing Finland delivered 2017 redundancy water treatment system to KYS Peko Project (renovation) for the use of building laboratories. In addition to the water treatment devices, the project included a 400 m long purified water distribution system with accessories. The water treatment included Evoqua Protegra RO-EDI devices with the necessary water pretreatment.

Purified water is used on the instrument washing machines, autoclaves, for manual rinse and the preparation of reagents.

The nominal flow of the system is 2x120 l/h and the devices are operated in the redundancy mode including automatic rinsing time intervals irrespective to the amount of purified water used.

Techniques: Mechanical filtration, water softening, activated carbon treatment, reverse osmosis, electronic ion exchange, UV treatment, microbial filtration

Application: Water treatment for laboratories, Water treatment for hospitals

Delivered: 2017

RO (Omvänd osmos) / EDI / EDR / UV / Pumpar / Tankar / Installation
Water Treatment
Kraft- / Värmeverk